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The results are in: the amenities you want in our communities

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

The results of our survey are in, and we heard from many of you! 

The Community Associations of Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, and Sherwood within the Symons Valley area are working together in an official society called the Symons Valley Leisure and Amenities Society (SVLAS).  Our purpose is to raise money to develop recreation facilities on a parcel of land set aside by The City of Calgary, as part of the development of Symons Valley. 

In May of this year, we began to reach out to you through the Community Associations and asked you to fill out a survey to tell us what you would like to see on the land.  By October 31, we had heard from over 1,400 residents from the four Symons Valley communities.  Your voices give us a clear vision of what this land should be used for.

“We heard from over 1,400 area residents from our for Symons Valley communities. Your voices give us a clear vision of what this land should be used for."

What did you tell us?

The first thing we learned is that your principal priority for this land is to ensure that it will be an outdoor amenity that would also plan to have an indoor space.  Your answers told us that you would like to have outdoor sports like ice-skating, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts.  The land should also have amenities such as BBQ pits, picnic areas, pathways, and a community garden; plus, a place to enjoy music performances and celebrations with your family.   

What’s next?

We are getting drawings made to show possibilities of how we can build the land to match the survey results.  Once these drawings are completed, we look forward to sharing them with you.  We also need to grow our Society.  Many of you said you are interested in helping us build this together.   You offered your experience, your resources, and your time.  We will be reaching out to you soon for help as we begin the real work. 

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