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Symons Valley Park

We're on a mission to bring much needed recreational amenities to our community. Located south of Sage Hill Crossing along Symons Valley Parkway, Symons Valley Park will be conveniently and centrally located in the heart of Symons Valley. It will be easily accessible by pathways and public transit, and within a short, five minute drive for community residents.

Building Symons Valley Park takes time and action! Three ways you can help!

Your donation will help get us closer to building affordable, community-accessible, all-season outdoor amenities, right in our neighbourhood.

Many hands make light work. Join your neighbours and share your time, skills and talents to bring this project to our community.

Share our newsletter and help us get the word out to your neighbours, community and homeowner associations, condo boards, and more. 

Getting to construction

Developing Symons Valley Park is estimated to cost approximately $3.5 million. Corporate sponsorship, community fundraising and government support will be needed to build the recreation and community hub for area residents for years to come. 

We're currently at the concept plan stage. Additional design and engineering is needed before we can start construction. Our goal is to start construction by 2023. We're actively applying for public and private sector grants. If you would like to help, please email 

10 Frequently Asked Questions


What recreational amenities will Symons Valley Park have?

The Symons Valley Park concept plan includes:

  • A natural forest with walking / biking trails.

  • A paved NHL-size multipurpose rink.

  • Basketball hoops.

  • Tennis and pickleball courts.

  • A bicycle skills park.

  • A playground.

  • A barbecue and picnic area.

  • An Amphitheatre.


Who provided input to develop the Symons Valley Park concept plan?

In 2017, more than 1,500 area residents from Kincora, Nolan Hill, Sage Hill, and Sherwood shared their input to help shape the concept plan for Symons Valley Park.


Will Symons Valley Park have as splash park?

No. Splash parks are costly to construct, operate and maintain, and can only be used for a few months of the year. Symons Valley Park focuses on providing all-season outdoor recreational amenities for area residents.


When will construction start?

Our goal is to raise $200,000 for detailed design, engineering and to kick-start construction by 2023. This timeline may be adjusted based on fundraising progress. Learn more about how you can help bring us closer to building Symons Valley Park.


How much will it cost to build Symons Valley Park?

Based on the concept plan, developing Symons Valley Park will cost approximately $3 million. Private sponsorship, community fundraising, and government support will be needed to build Symons Valley Park.


How are you fundraising to build Symons Valley Park?

We're actively applying for government and private sector grants.  Our goal is to raise $200,000 for detailed design, engineering and to kick-start construction by 2023. If your employer has a corporate matching gift program or funds for community projects, or if you can help with fund development and applications, please email


Why is community fundraising important? 

Donations from community residents is an essential part of our fundraising program. Your donation helps show potential funding partners that community members are personally invested in this project. This is critical for attracting additional private sponsorship and government support to build all phases of Symons Valley Park. If you're able, please make a donation today and consider becoming a monthly donor. Every donation you make will help bring us closer to building Symons Valley Park.


Why is Evanston not listed as one of the partnering communities?

The City of Calgary's Symons Valley Community Plan identifies a separate parcel of land for recreational amenities in Evanston. 


Will area residents have to pay to use Symons Valley Park?

The operational plan for Symons Valley Park has not been developed yet. However, we are committed to creating all season outdoor recreation amenities that are affordable and accessible to area residents.


Will Symons Valley Park be accessible only to Symon Valley community residents?

No. Symons Valley Park will be open and accessible to the public.

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