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Only 12 more days till Christmas!

Did you know...In the song 12 Days of Christmas, the singer's True Love gave a total of 364 gifts in 12 days?!

Show a little Christmas love...

Give just a fraction of that love to Symons Valley Park this year through our 12 Days of Christmas Donation Drive--Just a dollar on the first day, two on the second and so on, up to $12 on the last day. That's a total of $78 by Christmas Day.

And if you're feeling extra festive, consider giving a little more!

Help keep "Santa's workshop" running all year round

To keep Symons Valley Park's own "Santa's workshop" running all year round, consider becoming a monthly donor. A monthly gift means Symons Valley Park volunteers (ahem...elves!) have a stable funding source to help bring Symons Valley Park closer to construction.

Your donation will provide the funding we need to deliver key initiatives next year:

  • Hire a landscape architect to take Symons Valley Park's concept plan to detailed design.

  • Create a donor recognition program that will help us show appreciation to contributors like you.

  • Develop a sponsorship plan that will guide our fundraising efforts to successfully attract corporate and business sponsors.

When you make a charitable donation to Symons Valley Park, you can get up to 40% of tax credits back. That's money back in your pocket! Be sure to make your donation to Symons Valley Park before December 31, 2021.​ ​ Thank you for thinking of Symons Valley Park in your holiday giving.

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